Power Dynamics: Structures of power

My brother, Red and I had a brief discussion of Power last night again a subject I’ve become interested in of late for a host of reasons but one main issues.

Some people hold Joe Biden to be in a position of power. To be the President of United States of America. This belief is held together by messages repeated on TV, on current internet channels and various left and Right binary positions.

Seriously look at this man.

I can’t even hold a notion of this man as a wise elder in my mind. I can’t get a vibe or energy about the man when he speaks or looks serious. I see him and hear in his voice and manner.

Weakness. Foolishness. Beta bitch. Low energy.

Nearly the only group of people that collectively see this and voice it openly are shit kickers and shit kicking cowboys.

Red brought forth to my forgotten memory an example of power from the movie Malcolm X.

A scene that spoke of power. One man commanding a tribe of his people to stand at attention and then when all was well he calmly singles them to go home.

It’s not only a command of power but it is a power structure those people in that tribe have agreed to. It shows the power of an individual and the power of a united people hearts and minds.

This isn’t good or bad. It’s power.

Final thoughts….

I grew up thinking power was a college education. It was owning your business. It was in having a lot of money. It was influences on people.. NO!

Power is power.

Warm regards



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