Strange dreams: Alex part 8

The full story…

Geo Nine

The second my “Trainning” was up the door to the room clicked open and I reached for it as the newest patron grumbled but I didn’t give a fuck. I opened the door Flowers was there to greet me with my uniform.

I took it and walked out. I undressed out of the skirt shoving it into her hands and put on my normal worker outfit zipping it up and putting on my boots. I looked up at Flowers who was very quiet.

Flowers was looking at one of the temple head slaves a bald man in a white suit with hulking muscles. She nodded to him.

“Hello, Sir. I’ll be taking Miss Martin home now Sir. You can be on you way Sir.”

Slave didn’t move I noticed he was casting glances at me while watching Flowers.

“I see Alex is in need of more training I can-“

“You best be on your way Sir.” Flowers said gentle but I heard something else in her voice as her hand crept to the black blaster at her side belt. “You know the rules. You have no rights to private trainning with the goddesses virgin maids. Go along now.” She said purposely.

The slave turned and quickly walked away. Flowers still held her hand on her side arm. “Let’s go Miss Alex. I best get you home. Remember today and what you’ve learned.

I would. I got my boots on and we headed down the slave hallway back down to the slave entrance. I filed in line with the others. I noticed now both men and females all had mirroring expressions for what I was feeling.

We walked down stairs and into the ruby train. The train took off and less then an hour we were back where we began.

I got out my detapad as we entered the lift up to the main streets. I checked my messages. The deal was nearly done. I just needed to collect the crusier from the owner. I forwarded a meet up point up where the lift point would be.

We got up and I was more then a little surprised to see the pear white crusier with the owner a tall bage skinned man all in a black uniform and leather jacket that vibrated a gold dust color on the zippers.

He looked at me with enhanced gold dust eyes. He had full lips, a narrow nose and a direct stare that made me pause a moment before exiting the lift.

He came away from the cruiser and exchanged a friendly respectful nod to Flowers before he held out his hand to me. “I’m Geo Nine. You ready to claim the ride?”

Hmm. I took his hand in a firm shake. He pulled me closely. My eyes widened at his show of dominance and confidence. “You have pretty eyes. I’ve never seen a worker class with pretty natural silver blue eyes like yours.”

I blinked several times and glanced at Flowers.

She looked at me. “Do you wish me to interrupt?”

I blinked and realized I didn’t.

Now it’s time to get sexy.

Warm regards



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