Let’s take the notion there is a NWO of countries seriously…

Alright. Quick recap….

“It is a critical time because we fight for this New World, we fight for this New World Order. We are protecting not only Ukraine but all the other countries.”Kira Rudik, Member of Parliament, Ukraine

Why is Ukraine so important to the New World Order? Let’s put aside the one opinion that the NWO is fighting for democracy in Ukraine.

You can go to hellmouth news and get the same programmed thought there.

I’m looking at this as a realist. There are two forces at play. The New World Order and the nations outside the control of the NWO.

Why are the NWO governments willing to possibly start WW3 to save Ukraine indirectly?

I keep saying save indirectly because the NWO is dancing around it but for years never formally made Ukraine apart of the NWO formally because that would have been a threat against Russia having an enemy that close to her borders and started WW3.

This situation was always going to happen because position wise and political wise Ukraine is a fucking bitch storm waiting to happen and nobody did dick all to stop it.

Why though

Possible answers

1. NWO needs Ukraine government to remain intact. It must not be overthrown or that would be a threat against the control and power of the NWO over the Ukrainian government and a symbol that the NWO was coming to an end.

2. NWO countries have a deep love and respect and need to see the government of Ukraine not fall. So their willing to risk goble dumbass nukular war. Ukraine matters to the hearts and minds of the world.

3. Anything on hellmouth news.

4. We are in a simulation.

Okay…where’s the bullshit?

There is one certainty don’t allow yourself to be fooled by hellmouth news or the word on the street….

Joe Biden is fucked.

Warm regards


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