Today in weird shit…..Ukraine is apart of NWO…

The writer is serious…..

“It is a critical time because we fight for this New World, we fight for this New World Order. We are protecting not only Ukraine but all the other countries.”Kira Rudik, Member of Parliament, Ukraine

Now. I am not joking. This isn’t a fake quote. This is a what the fuck moment.

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I grew up during the 1990s and watched a lot of wrestling on TV. NWO was one of the fake bullshit wrestling heel groups. I stopped watching years ago but I remember this shit.

It was always the baby face (good guys) that had a moment in time when they finally revealed themselves as heels to their core out to take over the fucking wrestling world one match at a time. It was a NWO moment.

Why in the fuck did this female say this shit NOW of all times? Why was it necessary for the writer to say other countries need to fight for the New World Order?

What in the fuck is this new world order?

This shit is feeling like I’m watching a fucking fake ass wrestling show.

The shit is real enough but I keep feeling like someone is writing a script for me to think who the bad guys are until the heel turn comes.

I’m trying to take this seriously but this shit is looking suspect going into weird as fuck.

Warm regards



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