Strange dreams Part 7

The full story.

The Temple.

I got off my job and handed over the blaster and belt to my relief and keyed out the door. Flowers was there outside posed and ready to go to the temple. I walked to the left terminal and we decided down to the subway seven floors until we reach the underground station.

The ruby train was waiting for my arrival along with several excited young girls and pony boys with pale expressions on their faces and staring at nothing. I wasted no time or comment as we got on. The door closed behind us and the train took off.

I held on to the rail above my head as we took off. We zoned past half the city in a few minutes before we arrived at the underground entrance to the temple. A purple carpet was out for the ladies and a grey carpet for the males.

We filed out. A tall male servent stood dressed in a white suit. “Follow me.” He said in a deadpan voice…..

Yeah. Things don’t get pleasant after that. It’s all down hill. But this pushes Alex to get out of it.

Warm regards



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