The War for the mind is lost when you allow people to dictate to you how to think in ONE binary direction.

I don’t trust the media and don’t trust the U.S. government as it stands so it’s always a war of translation whenever I listen to the hellmouth….



Diffintions: Noun. A person or persons apart of a news organization telling me something about reality to twist my mind to believe something in a binary fashion of good and bad without giving me a neutral or honest opinion. That you want to control me and how I think.

Example. NATO should send “defense weapons” to the Ukrainian government because Russia invaded the country. Russia has been planning this for years. Russia are the bad guys. Everyone knew this would happen. Russia is fighting Democracy.

I have questions….

Hmm. A) If everyone knew this would happen why weren’t the Ukrainian government ready for this action from Russia?

B) What is a defensive weapon? A weapon is a weapon. Why is there a need to call it defensive?

C) Why are you trying to convince me to think it is justified for other countries in NATO to get involved indirectly against Russia and not expect Russia and her allies to think this would not be a sign of war against them that would pull the fucking world into WW3?

D) What does the issues with Russia and Ukraine have to do with my country and life directly?

I have a side. I am not your slave you are not my master. We ain’t on the same side. Your (hellmouth news) trying to fuck my mind.


I just find this time interesting. I don’t watch hellmouth news simple for the fact if I’m inclined to learn about what’s happening I like to filter past the bullshit fast by reading or listening to commentary on it from persons who have bullshit sniffers on.

Warm regards



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