Strange Dreams: Alex part 2

The link to the full story. Oh my God. The story is rich in sci fi and cyberpunk. Amazing. I’m getting somewhere.

Chapter 2

I walked down stairs dressed in my lavender uniform and badge on right breast pocket. My father was at the kitchen table with a virtual room headset on in a meeting. My mother and older sisters were on their devices moderatoring and watching video streaming footage of company’s workers at the office.

The house maid was already clearing away their nutrition bars and milkshake breakfast shakes. I grabbed up two bars and a bottled shake and headed for the door. Flowers opened the door for me.

I turned back to them. “I’m off.” I said.

They waved at me in unison and went back to their jobs. I headed out with Flowers following me. I walked out of the condo into the hallway and took the stairs down to the bottom floor. Flowers followed silently.

I got outside the sunlight had barely risen above the grey and brown towers of the city. On the grey Sky-ways above my head cruisers flew by like birds twisting and turning with ease on the curvy roads.

I sighed and looked away and started down the stairs out of the gate. Flowers followed silently singing that song I liked softly as we flowed in to the herd of workers that had to work outside their apartments for Empiral marks.

Fucking A. Damn I’m loving the world building. Did you hear that sound it’s the sound of a fucking level up boost.

Warm regards



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