When your doing something that is of substance and value there is never enough time to do it in a day.

I’m always in my element when I am writing or doing something that is of substance and value.

I hate. I absolutely hate doing nothing. I can’t stand it. Be people used to say..no fuck it. Dumb fucks still say that video games is a waste of time.


Being paid a shit ton of money to do something that isn’t valuable to your time of breathing and your personal worth is a waste of time and hard fucking work to me. You can’t pay a dime or 100k to do and to be nothing.

My mind is always busy even when the work is slow I find myself thinking of something to write about or analyzing female bullshiters lingo trying to ponder the question….

Photo by Alex Green on Pexels.com

Why can’t you answer the mother fucking question with a yes or a go fuck yourself.

Real talk.

I used to think I was a lazy person. Then I started blogging seriously and recording how many projects I’m doing in a single month and day. I put in a lot of effort, energy and attention for a post to be funny enough for a “like” I’m not bragging It’s the thing I have to do. What I’m writing is always new every day or in some way it’s a different challenge I can take on. I’m always writing. That’s why it seems easy to me though I know a lot of decades has gone into mastering it. I never have enough time.

But, it’s really the day job when I came to grips with the fact…

People kept saying I was a hard worker. I frowned and wondered. The fuck?! Me? I just work. I give it my all. I go full force in no break and no cap.

So I’ve been thinking about it. I really do value my time. I really do value what I do spend it on. I don’t think it as hard work. Hard work sounds well…like hard work. I see it like in part like a game. I got to get this shit done and the time starts.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


Warm regards



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