Where the fuck are the movies that pay tribute to masculine energy?

Fuck John Wick.

The first movie was good for what it was but damn sure wasn’t as over the top a theme of masculine energy movie as it could have been.

Then again the edge (1997) was a fucking masterpiece. Nothing short of The Big Country (1958) can match it.


These were serious movies. That didn’t play around or attempt to deny what being a fucking man was about. BIG dick energy.


Before the red pill philosophy came into being there was a notion of what a man is at his core. There still exists that notion. A man moves in a certain way. He can be loud and aggressively dominant in expressing his convictions or he can simply speak with a few words and be a man of action.

Both types are comfortable fighting for what matters to them. They embrace conflict on their terms.

The Big Country has a scene in it near the end when James (the main character) rides up into enemy territory to rescue a woman that is held hostage. She tries come out and tries to pretend she wants to be there because she doesn’t want James to get hurt or killed. She loves and respect James as a man.

James isn’t having it. He tells her he ain’t leaving without her. James is asked why does he care so much about the female . He was risking his life to rescue her putting his life on the line.

James doesn’t say anything. He just looks at the woman until she sees this man has laid claimed her. She is a woman has chosen to protect as his woman. Her reaction. Oh my God, he has chosen me.

She didn’t say flowery bullshit. He didn’t flowery bullshit. It was a fucking look. A look and vibe.

James goes to the gauntlet willing to battle the bitch that kidnapped his woman to the fucking death. James isn’t a white knight. James isn’t a beta bitch. It is the duty of a man to accept the consequences of your choices and embrace the conflict of life and the reality that fear and cowardice have no place in how a man moves. Men move with purpose and intentional in what they want to do.

In other words….


Warm regards



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