Strange dreams 09….

Bill. Bill. Get your ass up. You got to get to work.

I felt weird. My head felt like someone had been hammering my head with a hammer for days. I don’t remember drinking so much last night after the welcome home party.

I rolled out of my bed. I looked around to see I was in my old room back in a place that didn’t exist anymore.

“Bill. Bill. Get up now. You got to make up your rent.”

My mother. My real mother was yelling for me like always. No. No. Couldn’t all have been a dream. Damn it. Damn it to hell. I needed to get to work. I looked around my room grabbing up clothes went to bathroom washed up fast and got dressed. I looked at myself in the mirror and froze.

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Huh. Okay. That’s different.

I hurried down stairs to find my mother sitting at her seat by her computer watching a soap opera on a live stream in the kitchen. Of course she hadn’t made me breakfast. The same as always. I checked my pockets for my keys as I headed for the door and then I found the pack of cigarettes. I didn’t smoke. No. I didn’t smoke in this world. I did in the Cyberpunk’s dream realm.

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I closed the door. And took out a cigarette put it to my lips and lit it up before turning back to my mother. She was still watching her soap opera.

“You almost had me going. But, you forgot about the cigarettes.”

My mother laughed. Yeah. That was her laugh alright. She turned back to me. It was her. She glared at me. “You were supposed to ignore it like the other half-breed abominations she’s made. That bitch maker of yours just has a way of imprinting on you Airheads once you see her. It was the mirror I forgot about. You knew then. Just go to your computer repair store job. Come back with my rent. It’s much easier that way. Don’t be troublesome. She won’t be able to find you here. No one’s coming to rescue you this time or ever again.”

I laughed. “It would be better if we didn’t meet again for you. I left this life behind. I’m not interested in repeating it.”

My mother sighed. I could see her mask slipping as her true form appeared. She had soulless grey eyes. A face of black and white and lips of poison black.

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“The door is locked. Your not leaving until you submit to-“

I jumped up smashing through the fantasy into space. I felt the roar of monster behind me flying to catch up with me as I raced toward a warm hole.

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Warm regards



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