History in the moment….

Current moments….

Taxes. Bills. Distractions and more damn bills trying to sneak up on me. I ain’t got the time for a lazy kick back moments. I desire them. I just don’t have time for them.

These days I wake up 3:53 a.m. I don’t why anymore. My body perks up with a jerk and I straight out my hand looking for my phone to started with the day. I got the day in less then five hours to get to.

History in the moments…

The fall of empires. The rise of empires. The fires of distraction and digital TV dreams keep the masses at bay. They keep dreaming. They keep dreaming thinking their in reunions of happy days and the American dream empire.

It’s all for nought. It’s all for clicks and likes.

These moments. These harsh and strangely comical, whimsical moments. I laugh. I find myself frozen waiting. Just waiting for the good parts again or a good laugh.

Warm regards



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