Strange dreams 08….

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I arrived at the motorcycle shop to see Scott and Wolf arguing with some asshole with flames in his eyes. I dropped down in the middle of them.

“My man. Cool it. Take a walk. Your getting to loud around my girl.” I said to him.

“Fuck you Airhead. That bitch ruined my ride. I want my money back-“

“I didn’t ruin shit asshole. Your ride needs a new battery conversion. I replaced your battery like you asked but you still need to get a new battery conversion. You dumb bitch.”

The dude’s eyes lit fire and leaned forward firing fire at her. I reacted by blowing a strong wind at his flames and pushing them back until I knocked his head back with a jerk.

“Ah. What the fuck?”

Wolf jumped ahead of me and kicked the dude in the balls twisted his arm behind his back and rammed his head into the side window of a cruiser.

Wolf dragged him out opened the door and threw him inside the crusier and threw some type of money inside. “Don’t you ever come around again for fucker or I’ll set your ride on fire.”

The dude started up his crusier and drove away fast. I flipped him off before turning to Wolf and Scott. “Well. Sorry I was late.” I said and got out a cigarette and lit it up taking a puff. “What guys been up to here?”

They stared at me. “What?”

“Sense when did you start smoking?” Wolf asked.

“Ah. Sense when did you get this sexy? Nice suit.” Scott said she said with a purred in her voice. She ran a hand down my chest.

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I frowned looking back to the white tower.

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I saw a message in the clouds above it.

Go with it. She likes the look.

I smiled but I put the cigarette out on my boot heel. ” Just a few changes.”

Warm regards



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