Strange dreams 07….

It was the last day when I finally dreamed again.

I saw Scott standing in the streets of the dreams. She was pissed off.

“You fucking dumbass. You can fly here. WAKE THE FUCK UP!”

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I got up out of my hotel bed. I didn’t even put my shoes on. I ran out of the hotel room. I took a breath and jumped up.

I landed in the hotel pool swam to the side and was lifted out by the alien. He glared at me.

“You really are a dumbass my dude. Take a breather and think of the city. Your element will get you there.”

“My what?”

“Just do it dumbass.” He said losing patience.

I took a breath inward felt lighter as I pictured the city in my head. I felt the wind lift me up I looked up as I heard something up in the sky and I stared at the city. “What the fuck?”

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The alien laughed. “Let’s go dumbass.” He said jumping on his bike took upward riding toward glowing portal in the sky.

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I took a breath and focused my mind and leaped up and started picking speed toward the portal as I felt a sudden heat and fire racing upward to me. I wasn’t going to make it.

Fly faster. You can do it. Push.

I pushed myself faster to the opening.

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I blinked and I was in the city of dreams….

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I had to dodge several assholes in hover crusiers who didn’t give a damn about whether they ran me down.

“Out of the way Airhead.”

“Fuck you shithead.” I yelled back at him. Why the fuck do people call me that?

I flew around taking in the city until I saw it. The white tower…

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Yeah. I raced toward it.

A window door way opened on the top floor. I flew inside and stood in the room in the middle of the room. It was office room.

“Welcome to Newark City State.”

I turned and froze at the sight of my mother in her bathrobe and rollers with a cigarette in her mouth. She smiled.

I frowned. “Your not my mother. She never smiled at me.” I said.

The alien laughed and spun changing into her real form. A beautiful lady with silver blue eyes in a brown trench jacket on she closed quickly to cover her perfect naked body.

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“Hey. You made it. I was about to give up on you. But, you did it.”

“Who are you?” I asked.

“You know. Take a guess.” She said in a dreamy voice and floated around the room.

“Your some type of alien like the other one. Your the voice I kept hearing when I raced in the air. Your the reason I can fly. Why did you choose me though?”

“Your almost there. Just take the leap.” She said whispering her words sweetly.

“Your not mother….but you created me somehow.”

“Bingo. Took you long enough to see me. So what do you think?” She asked in a sky voice and looked down waiting. It wasn’t an act.

“I think your beautiful. But, why didn’t you just tell me the way here.”

“I did and I failed so I asked my younger brother Cy for help. He told me about your family and how you wouldn’t leave them behind so he helped you help them and yourself. Thank you for making it here.”

I laughed. “Your welcome. But, why do people keep calling me a Airhead.”

She blushed frowning. “My name is Air. My element is wind. I am a traveler of dimensions as are my kids. The people here call you and your brothers Airheads. I don’t like it either.”

I laughed and walked over and hugged her. She froze and then relaxed. “Thank you. I know it must have been hard for you with me being a dumbass.”

She patted my back. “Go on. Your family is waiting to hear from you. I’ll be here. They’re at the motorcycle shop.”

I nodded to her and smiled coming out her arms and raced out the window.

Warm regards



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