Strange dreams 04…

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I stood by a motorcycle shop in the dream city but I wasn’t alone. Two shadows stood with me facing the kid who sat on the motorcycle.

“Your running out of time. Three days to go.” The boy said.

“What happens after three days.”

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“Holy shit.” I gasped as I felt the heat and echo of the world exploding from the vision.

The two shadows disappeared. I stood with the stranger…I looked closer at him and realized. “Your not human.”

The alien nodded. “I am an alien from another dimension. The car has to be ready before then. If you want to save them then you’ve got to get the car ready. They won’t want to believe you. You have to help them save themselves.”

I stared at him. “What the hell are you saying? What happens to my world?”

The alien shook his head. “I host of issues. War. Energy reduction and added on to that. Your core is going to explode in three days time.”

“Why are you telling this to me only? What about the world? Don’t they have a chance at survival?”

“Look behind you.”

I turned and saw millions of shadows walking around flying in the air and sranding either ignoring or entertaining themselves with the city like it was all just a dream.

“This isn’t a dream Bill. I’ve been telling your people about this for years. No one gives a damn. If you want them to live then get that car ready.”

I turned back to the alien as he started up his engine. “You keep saying save them. What about me?”

The alien stared at me. “You have a way out, they don’t. They matter more.”

I shook my head. The alien smiled and I saw his face changed. I saw his real face then. His face was heavily scared along with numbers and energy flashing in his skin and his eyes changed from dark brown to silver mirrors that reflected my own image back at me.

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“This isn’t a dream Bill. Your an Airhead. Your world is going to explode either way. If you care about them help them save themselves and stop thinking about yourself.” He said and rode off to the city.

The wind touched my skin.

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