Is writing hard? I have a complicated answer.

The only way to know how strong you are is to keep testing your limits. – Jor El

The movie wasn’t Christopher Reed good but I think of that one scene and it just inspires me.

He comes out of the chamber of the space ship dressed in the symbol of hope. In his head are the words of his father with the challenge….

Test the limits of how strong you are and the limitations to that strength. He’s going to have a few missteps. He’s going to have a few falls. He’s going to have a second or a moment of doubt that he can break through to another level but the words of his father whisper in his head.

You are the son from the house of hope. He has to breath in the air. Clear his head. Take his stance and push off the ground and take flight to level up to 100.


I’m not naturally talented in any regard as a writer or anything in my life. I knew 30 plus years ago it was going to be hard. I wanted to give up plenty of times. But, I kept on pushing and hoping for one day I would push myself to that level where my feet would leave the ground. My focus would set and I could push on and not worry about falling because I dreamed of a time I would start flying….


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I’m pushing alot of writing out. I’m hoping to accomplish finishing a major book project and above all else. I’m taking taking flight to a major leveling up season. This the best time of my life.

If your afraid of testing your limits. If you don’t care about how strong you can be. I don’t know what to tell you.

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I live with this shit. I feel like I’m hammering a giant on moving rock all day but hot damn! What a time to alive. I see cracks in surface. I live for this shit.

Every damn day of the week. I don’t have enough time. So God help me I have to write more.

Warm regards



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