Strange Dreams 03..

I had four days left four failed dates and seductions later I still couldn’t find a mechanic chick to do the job. Wolf had already completed the board and was waiting on me and the car to be outfitted with it.

I was at my mechanic’s shop getting a oil change. Scarlett S. Jackson had been a friend from gradeschool on up to highschool that I hangout with occassionally and she worked was doing a check on my engine. “Scott. Aw. You know any gear head females up for a date?”

Scott frowned at me. “What the hell? You that desperate get some?”

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I grimanced. “No. Well. I’m trying to get a gear head shorty to outfit my car with a special motherboard I had my buddy Wolf from work make. I don’t have any money to pay her so I’m trying to seduce one into doing it for free. So you know anybody?”

“A motherboard?! Bullshit and that asshole ain’t your friend.. I’m your best friend you fucking asshole. You on something weird. What the fuck will this motherboard do to your car? Don’t tell me, you thinking about making a smart car with you beta bitch press. Holy shit. You are.” Scott laughed in my face.

I glared at Scott as she bent over my engine and then she caught me looking at her ass.

“Hmm. You know I think I might have someone available for your stupid job.”

“Okay. What do you want? I can’t pay you much-“

“I want to sit on your face.”

“Okay. What?” I stared at her. I had thought she was gray. Luckily I didn’t say the last thought out loud. “You want to sit on my face. That’s it?”

Scott frowned. “Is that a problem?”

“No. Why would it be? So we have a-“

“-and sex. I want to try some stuff out to. That’s the deal.” She said.

“Okay. We got a deal.” I said holding out my hand.

Scott frowned. “I want to do it on my work bench first.”

What the fuck was going? Who the fuck was seducing who here. This was to easy. “Okay. Hop up on it and we can get started real quick.”

Scott walked over to the bench frowning at me as she took off her overalls and was bending over the table when I hurried over.

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4 thoughts on “Strange Dreams 03..

  1. Damn. Caught your story in the middle. I really need to go back to the beginning and start reading there but I’m buried under an avalanche of shee-it in real life.

    BUT–one finger up–a good story can be picked up in the middle. I’ll see how this one goes.

    Warm regards,


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