Strange dreams 02

Photo by Brian Lazo on

I found myself flying over the outlands of my dream world looking around at the wild lands and the one highway road that led back to….

I speed toward it at a crazy speed until I slowed down and crusied looking down at the city below….

Photo by sergio souza on

Again, I was reminded of a mother board to a desktop computer. Hover cars flew over my head. I had to dodge them because they nearly ran into me and hunker their horns at me.

“Get the fuck out of my Air head.” A driver said right before flipping me off in his Blue berry crusier.

Air head?

Weird. I felt the wind take hold of me and guide me toward a white tower building in the north of the city.


I looked down at a kid waving at me while he sat on his motorcycle. “Bill. Wake your ass up. You got to get to work.”

“How do I make the car?” I asked him as I felt myself waking up from the backseat of my car.

“Seduce a gear head shorty in to supercharging your ride.” He said.

“Seducing. I can’t-“

“Bitch you better learn. Your window is closing. You got seven days left.”

“Seven days? You didn’t tell me about time schedule. Who are you?”

The kid laughed got on his bike and took off.

Warm regards



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