Cowards that hide behind great men….

I don’t write under the name Guardiandogg to hide my identity or to hide behind a persona so that I can say what I want to say as an artist.

I always wanted to have a pen like Mark Twain or a name that I would write in when I wanted to dip into a style or means of expressing myself. I wanted to make a name for myself. Funny enough. Guardiandogg was the name I chose years ago when I got on YouTube in the outlaw days.

I put myself here. Tell my stories and leave up to you to decide if you like it or not or it’s shit on manusanese sandwich. But, I do it. I don’t retell other artists stories. I sample and I mix and I tell my own myth and legends.

That said….

For some fucking reason. I’m thinking about Back to the Future (1980s) Marty’s father at the beginning of the movie. He was beta bitch slicked hair loser.

Marty had to go back in time to a moment when his father was a young beta bitch to find out for a short time in his life he had one interesting thing about him.. Marty’s father liked to write.

You know the movie. Through course of events in the story Marty’s Dad shakes off his beta bitch collar and steps up in life becomes a tier 1 dominant bad ass. Marty’s Dad realizes one simple thing….

Fear is for beta bitches.

Fast forward to the future…Marty’s Dad is a author and stories he hid from people reading…he’s put that shit out there and put his name on the bookcover.

I thought about that as I was looking at the Lord of the Amazon queens. It’s the line. Between cowardice and Big Dick Energy. The courage to write the story and put it out with your name on it.

J. R. R. Tolkien had the courage and fortitude to write a grand story and work on the lore for the remainder of his life as a way to preserve the legends and myths of his people and culture. He loved what he did. He loved the art he was creating and he wasn’t afraid to try and put his work out there and he didn’t even finish all of it.

The strange thing about the Amazon video I kept wondering why not create your own story. Why not do your own thing? It’s so much more easier. There are elements of a story in the video but the writers, the producers and everybody involved are hiding behind the shadow of a great man and using his name because either they don’t have any faith in their shit to stand on their name. Or. Their simply cowards.

Warm regards



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