The shit storm of 2022…Lord of the Amazon queens is coming…

I’m looking at the Amazon Lord of the Rings shit and it’s fucking hilarious at this point on the video.

It’s got 4.9 million views and only 21k likes at the time I’m looking at it and in the comment section it’s all one comment in Russian….

“Зло не может создать нечего нового, оно может только испортить и разрушить то, что изобрели или создали добрые силы” – J.R.R.Tolkien


“Evil cannot create anything new, it can only spoil and destroy what good forces have invented or created.”

  • J. R. R. Tolkien


I’m looking around the interwebs for differing opinions and click on some blogger that put up a blog post about it in the theme of….that’s not what he said. That’s not what it means. They’re just being trolls…haha.

I get the scent of beta in his writing.

The dude is weird….he doesn’t get it mainly because well he’s a kinda a shill fence sitting blogger that leans left on the flat asses and fake smiles of Hollywood side. So he sides with the money and sounds a bit like a drunk off his ass guy on consumer of all things shit and otherwise.

The point of the rage is simple. Lord of Rings has an old loyal fan base to it. Amazon is attempting to take Lord of the rings and corrupting something already good, mucking something that had meaning and pissing on the work of a great man and artist’s work.

As an artist and writer my thoughts are….fuck em.

Amazon doesn’t have the courage and the means of creating something of their own. They can only grave rob the work of a writer that did something good and turn it into shit.

The quote is correct in the meaning. The dude just doesn’t give a damn to see the issue from the prospect of another person.

This is not a dis on the dude it’s just the fencing sitting shit is weak sauce to me especially in writing from an opinion. Take a side and take a stand. Nobody gives a fuck about people pleasing beta bitch shit.

Warm regards


P. S.

Please just ignore it and let the Lord of Amazon queens die a quick death in the silence indifference.


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