La Rue The Knight 4h Prologue Beau

Death, pain and regrets

I opened the door to my apartment to see Calvin of all people at my door. I knew by the expression on his face he didn’t know. He just came over for some reason different.

“What’s up?! This is surprising.” I said in a calm voice.

Calvin still flinched at my tone. “Sorry, is something wrong. I came over because I got your present early and I had to give it to you. I couldn’t wait until tomorrow.”

He came over to give me a early birthday gift. Damn. That was Calvin. I shrugged. “I got a bit of sudden bad news. Come in. What’s in the box?” I asked turning walking back inside to sit at my couch.

Calvin frowned but came in and started looking around and then was smiling again in excitement. He sat the box down near my wide screen and started opening it up and took out a record player.

“What. Ah Cal I-” I went silent as he got out a signed record album of Purple Rain.

“Happy Birthday bro. I bet you don’t have one autographed by the legend.” He said not looking at me as he hooked it up and put it.

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I sat back. I closed my eyes as the music came on. My hands still hurt but the pain and person who I beat was distant minor annoying memory.”

“Beau?! Your hands-“

“I found out my Dad died today. He had been killed by husband of woman he was having sex with.” I said.

“You want me to turn it off.” Calvin asked.

I patted the seat next to me. “Sit with me my friend. You just made the day less bitter and strange.”

Calvin was quiet as he came over and sat down with me. He didn’t say anything. He just sat with me and listened.

I finally looked at him to see him as closed nodding to himself. “He’s the best isn’t he?”

Calvin nodded. “Yeah. An amazing artist. Is the whole album like this?”

I smiled. “Yeah. Well at least to me. Though I have to warn you Prince does it saucy.”

Calvin gave me a look. “Even now you can’t stop ridding me on about being a Christian. Can’t you take one day off?”

I shook my head. “Nope. It’s funny to me. Thank you for the birthday gift. I think Rafael would have liked you.”

Calvin looked sad at the mention of him but he shrugged. “Everybody likes me if they have good sense of taste. I’m a likeable guy.”

I nodded in agreement. “A likeable guy and great best friend.” I said.

“About time you realized that.” He said with a warm grin.

I felt it. That feeling I had with Rafael that day we sang together for the first and only time. It was different in this context though. It didn’t feel strange. I just felt right. Calvin was my family now. Probably the only real person that bothered to see me like my grandfather did and the second person I could connect to like my father. It was fitting I lost a friend today, I lost my father for the second time but I gained a brother and a real friend at the same time.

Warm regards


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