La Rue The Knight 2nd Prologue Beau

Meeting Anna Marie Martin….

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“What the hell am I doing?”

I sat in the tiny Café in the middle of the city of Paris France and thought it finally. This was really going overboard in my research.

“Your meeting your grandmother for lunch in Paris. Why do you have to over think everything?”

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I turned to Calvin Deckwood who sat beside me sipping coffee and looking outside the glass window to stare outside at the city like a first time tourist. He was smiling and enjoying himself and totally relaxed though a few hours ago he hadn’t known I would ask him to go with me to Paris to see my Nanny.

I smiled at his easy going profile. Calvin was a semi close friend of mean. Matthew’s being my best. I asked Matthews first to come with me but he had been busy and said he couldn’t make it. Calvin had been busy but he brushed it off just because….I smiled that was Calvin.


I looked up and got to my feet as a beautiful lady in a white dress and hat approached me. I noticed she wasn’t alone another lady was with her as well a friend maybe. Anna’s eyes had tears in them.

Calvin stood beside me and gave me a little push. “Give a hug.” He said.

I laughed and went over to her and hugged her. She laughed and cried on my shoulder. I couldn’t help laughing. Though I didn’t know the reason.

It was some time later that we all finally sat down. Anna was red eyed but happy. She looked at Calvin. “Who is your friend Puppy?”

I smiled glancing at Calvin. “He’s my…brother. My best friend. Calvin Deckwood.”

Calvin grinned. “Look at you. I wouldn’t have missed this moment for nothing.”

“What moment?!” I asked him frowning.

“Seeing you this happy. It was well worth the long flight over.” He said.

“Your full it.” I told him.

Calvin waved away my stare. “Talk to your grandmother. You won’t ruin my mood.” He said again looking out the window.

I turned to Anna whose eyes were lite with emusment. “It’s been a long time coming huh?”

Anna nodded. “I am thankful your father finally allowed us to meet.” She said.

I glanced at Calvin. He gaze was averted but he frowned sharing my thoughts. Rafael was being Rafael. I glanced back to Anna but her friend was watching my face.

I noticed her. She was of an age like Anna and just as beautiful. They sat close together and I noticed only because I had associates and been around women that moved in a certain way. I glanced at Calvin who was looking at me.

“What’s up with you?” He asked.

“Nothing. Well. Nanny. Whose your lovely friend?” I asked her.

Anna frowned between Calvin and I. “She’s my partner. Marlina Bernard.”

I glanced at Calvin to him staring at me. “Okay. You need to relax. I’m going to take a walk around the city. Spend some time with your grandmother.” He said and turned to Marlina. “Miss Bernard. Would you do me the honor to walk around with me while my nervous friend has a talk with grandmother.” He said holding out his hand as he rose from his seat.

Marlina’s eyes lit with understanding and she smiled raising to her feet. I watched them leave and looked at Anna’s warm eyes. “Sorry about my behavior. I don’t have a problem with your sexual preference it’s Calvin. He’s a Christian and I didn’t know how he would react. I was overally concerned then.” I said.

Anna her head staring at me. “Rafael didn’t mention my partner to you?”

I stared at her. “We only met one time. It was…enough for us to resolve some of our issues. I understand how he is. If I wanted to meet you then I would accept you as you are. I came to him for a favor.”

“You and your friend are very close, yes.” Anna asked.

“He’s my best friend. He’s the person that suggested I meet with Rafael and I’m thankful to him. I finally understood Rafael after meeting him.” I told him.

Some of the brightness in her eyes faded. She shook her head. “You love him.”

I shook my head. “Not like that.. Calvin and I are just close friends.”

Anna shook her head. “You love Rafael.”

I didn’t know how to answer that question. I shrugged. “I don’t hate him anymore.”

Anna sighed and took my hands. “I know. I know. But, live your life. Your not him. I’m just grateful you two resolved your issues.”

I smiled but said nothing because though I didn’t have the anger for him. I still wished for what could have happened for what more, I could have said. I wish I could still understand him and made an impact on him.

Warm regards


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