strange dreams 01

I showed the drawing to my buddy at work when we went on a smoke break..well not really. I don’t smoke. Wolf was vapping while I was explaining to him the dream.

Wolf gives me a silent stare.

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“What?” I asked.

“Your Mom is going to kick you out?’

I frowned but I nodded. “I told I was moving out today. I asked her keep my stuff for a day. She told me she couldn’t so I’m sleeping in my car until I find an apartment.”

Wolf nodded. Not suggesting I room with him or saying much of anything. “What do you think?”

“You can’t room with me.” He said

I held up my drawing. “What do you think about the drawing? Can you build a motherboard like this?”

Wolf frowned and focused on my drawing now. “Hmm. I can. Don’t see a lot good it will do you. It’s a dream. Hmm. This CPU. It’s…hmm. I’ve seen this one before. Damn. Look at all the ram you got for this thing. The build will cost you on parts. Hmm. Where the fuck have I’ve seen this CPU? Is it AMD or intel?”

I frowned looking at the chip. Hmm. I don’t know. My guess would be AMD at least. If I get the money together for the parts can you do it?”

“My fee is 200-“

“Will you do it? I already know your not doing it for free.” I demanded.

Wolf frowned at me. “Hmm. Yeah. I’ll do it get the money together and I’ll order the parts. One question though. Is this for a gaming computer or….”

“I’m going to make a smart car.” I told him just now thinking on it.

“You don’t-“

I nodded my head sure of it some how. “Just make the motherboard and I’ll show you.” I told him.

Wolf smiled. “Okay. If you can figure out how to make a smart car with that weird ass motherboard you dreamed about hell I’ll drive it where ever you want to go.”

I smiled thinking of adventure. “Your on.”

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