La Rue The Knight Prologue Beau

The one thing we had in common….

Five years ago

I walked into the night club’s private room to see Rafael St. Martin was with two females in short pink and black dresses with cheap make up on and high heels. They looked like hockers. Though I would also have bet money that they were just some females he just picked up from the club to have the honor with sitting in his presence. The man had that presense about him.

I could see a shadow of resemblance between us. It was faint around the eyes otherwise we looked nothing a like. I stared at him. “I need to speak with you alone. I only need a moment of your time.”

Rafael rolled his eyes like he knew what I was going to ask him. All likely hood he didn’t. I was several standard digits above his intelligence and it wasn’t going to be a typical conversation.

“You want some type of closer or a chance to tell me off for all the years I missed raising then you can-“

“You have a very common French last name. I’ve been trying to get in contact with your family to gain some insight on your family for some research I’m doing. I have a possible lead but I need your approval and number to your mother so that I can talk with her.”

Rafael stared at me. “Your trying to connect to my family for a research paper on your family lineage? Is that all or is there some other personal reason?”

“I have questions and wish to find someone who might be able to answer my questions.” I said.

“Questions about me or your other family history?” He asked.

“Both. All I need is her number and name. Then I won’t trouble you again and you can go back to your…life.” I said calmly.

Rafael removed his arms from around the ladies shoulders. “Ladies. I have to talk a bit with my son.”

The ladies got up and left the room closing the door behind them. Rafael stared at me. “You seem a bit shy around the ladies are you gay or just-“

“-I’ve had sex before. I don’t have trouble finding a woman up for having a fun time. All I request is a name and number. Sir.”

Rafael smiled slowly and waved me to a seat to his right on the couch. I sighed and came over and sat down. We stared at each other.

“Why don’t you really ask me what your dying to know? Be honest.” He said.

He was playing a game. He had no intention on giving me a simple damn number and name. Even this was to much for him to do.

“Your a liar. I want to know why your such a degenerate loser. Your what forty-one now and still a chasing after dreams of living the lifestyle of a rocker sleeping with easy girls and stupid women.”

Rafael grinned. “Oh. Your an artist and an alpha to like your old man. Your thinking you’ll end up like me one day. So your trying to avoid it by researching where I went bad growing up. I didn’t I was born this way and your mother knew it she just thought she could change me. She couldn’t. I am what I am. Just like you are what you are. Son.”

I stared at him.

He raised an eye brow. “You still want your Nanny’s number?”

“Yes. It’s the whole reason I came here. Are you asking for money?”

“Two grand, Sonny and I’ll even let her know your calling her. She’s been waiting years to hear from you.”

I reached in my wallet and got the money. I heard purple rain play on the speaker system. Prince’s voice flowed into the room. I allowed myself a moment to enjoy the song and the voice of my idol.

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I got the money out and put it on the table and sat back waiting for him. Rafael took the money and got a notepad and pen from his suit jacket and started writing.

“I remember the first time I heard this song. It did the same thing for me. It was was….”

“Magic.” I finished and closed my eyes and started to hmm.

*I never meant to cause you any trouble….” Rafael sang.

*I never meant cause you any pain… I only want to see you laughing in the purple rain.”

“Purple Rain, purple rain.” We sang together.

It was….it was the strangest saddest and beautiful moment I had with anyone in my life. It was in that moment I realized. Why my genius so serious mother loved this man once in her life…

Warm regards



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