Damn. I realized why I couldn’t finish writing a book that held me at a stand still for 18 months.

I had to write La Rue the Knight and the Prologue of Beau’s night with his father before it made me realize it. I have to focus on the themes of fatherhood in that book and the real damage it did to Beau losing his father in childhood and adulthood.

That prologue. That fucked me all up just thinking about my own Dad. It’s going to be a bitter sweet book to finish but I’m going to make it a good one.

Warm regards


4 thoughts on “Damn. I realized why I couldn’t finish writing a book that held me at a stand still for 18 months.

  1. Speaking as a single dad I worry about the parts of family and life my boy has not had because of not having a mother. Yet for boys the father figure is so important, and a missing or bad father figure can be so detrimental. People nowadays tend to ignore the worth of dad’s and the absolute waste bad mums and dads can be to a kids development.

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      • It’s the memories that count as they provide the push to be better even decades after they are gone. My dad has been dead since 2001 and even now I find myself hearing his advice at times when it is needed.


      • Oh yes. My Dad was the first person to instill in me the importance of family and not fighting over minor issues of disagreements with violence. He taught me the importance of loyalty letting your ethics defend how you move and holding yourself to what you believe and striving to live by what you believe to be true.

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