Last weeks game is over time to start over…..professional advice

I feel like starting over….

Over the last two to three years I’ve heard about some great reset going on in world. In my head, I don’t get it because every month or week I get a mindset to start over. To reset my thinking accordingly. It’s something that just happens to my mind like a switch. Change is consent because I exist in the present. So I move in a way.

I feel it when I cut my hair, shave my beard and look in mirror and know. I’m starting over. I’m letting stuff go and not thinking about going back. I’m pushing forward. I may have days I get dragged down or lose focus but the Callender has been reset. I’m changing how I move because I’m tired of the results I had or I see a difference in one change I made can make to my overall goals for day, the week, the year and ten years to proceed.

Being intentional and realistic. I write on the subjects a lot but they go hand and hand for me. This is a consent in my mind as I blog and I look at the results of my current output of content and the through-put goal.

That’s why it’s hard to think of blogging some times as a hobby. Hobbies are activities you do to enjoy and add color to your life.

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Blogging for me is setting goals, putting out content and thinking about whether or not I can meet my over all goal for day in progress to 2 million readers, a hundred percent entertaining and thoughtful. Every day counts, every post I put up has to be intentional to meet the goal.

I start at 0 every day. I have to get my numbers up everyday. What are the benefits of this mindset that blogging as in a way increased?

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I bring the same mindset to my day job. I start at 0. I have to bring my numbers up to a sufficient number to meet my overall goals for the week, month and year. Every day counts and my performance and ability to be come more efficient at what I do as a means to increase my success is what I care about..


I have to level up to a position that will meet a level of challenge and pay grade to warrent my time spent. There is a certain coldness to it but really

Work isn’t about being happy for me. I have moments I am entertained by what I do to eat. But, really I don’t define myself by my day job or care whether I am happy doing what I do. Did I get the job done? Did I achieve my goal?

This is what defines a professional I believe. Do you have a intentionally mindset and overall goal your aiming at? Certification. Degrees. Tradesmen training. These are only the tools to the means of achieving the goal at sufficient amount of time with positive impact on meeting your personal professional mastery.

In plain speech…..fuck your feeling my dude. Are you getting the bag? Are you about your business or are you all talk and bullshit? No one wants to be appreciated for being shit at something.

Warm regards



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