A study in big dick energy…bear vs man

The Video

Short video but I love it.

You got some wild life photographer taking pictures of a bear in the wild. Suddenly, the bear is getting to close. A shit kicker with a hand cannon and a black cow boy hat on steps into frame. He steps at the bear blocking it’s approach to the photographer. The dominance dance begins.

The shit kicker has his hand cannon pointed down at his side. The bear gets shook. Bear tries to go around him and again the shit kicker meets him head on and steps forward.

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE DOING!” The shit kicker says…

“I-I was just!”


“Wow. holy shit calm down. I-I was just-“

“BITCH. I TOLD YOU LEAVE! NOW BITCH. FUCK OFF.” The shit kicker growls and you can hear the shit is about to get real. The bear knows what’s up.

“I got to go anyway.”

Warm regards



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