The face of comedy…..

An old fucker trying to hold back shitting his pants

This is the face of comedy.

This is the stuff of dreams….

He appears to be deep in thought about the problems of our times. It’s coming. Damn it to hell. I can hold it in. Fuck me running. I can feel it filling my pamper to the limit.

He is the President that the Blacks in total voted for more then the other Black dude, they voted in…I mean it’s truth. Right?!

Look into his eyes. His dark eyes that stare at his nurse in the back. He is silent pleading for her to get his silent signal that it is death con one levels of shitting running down the inside of his pants.

I have to work a extra shift this week so this is my entertainment for the day…

Let’s continue….

His mouth is a single fucking line of determination. He’s going to wait them out. He’s going to wait until the people have left the room and then he will sneak away none the wiser about the pool of shit that he is about to leave behind.

Warm regards



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