Strange dreams……00

Alright. Let’s take poetry, The Explorers (1980s) and 2 Fast 2 Furious (2000s) and War Games (1980s) mix.


I frowned down at the strange disk like world below me as I flew over it.

A city of light and advanced wanders centuries ahead of my own world stood as a star over the world..

I saw glowing flying cars racing over the city like bees or flies circling over a tasty treat.

I saw a desert of wanders in boss bad ass trucks and fast cars.

Two men battle it out using the elements of fire and ice in the streets. Like any other day.

The people walked by to much normalized by the strangeness of their world to care.


Flying cars?!



I’m in.

I heard the male laughter of a friend a kin to my own soul. I looked for the source. I couldn’t find him. But, I knew he was here in this world. This world?!

It reminds me of something. I went up higher to take in the world but I bumped my head against the energy field that encircled the world. That hurt. Wait. That hurt?!

I felt myself being shaken awake. I took in the world one last time searching for the reason it had sparked a memory of something else entirely unconnected. I realized as I opened my eyes to stare at my Mom’s tired face and disgust at the sight of me.

“It’s a motherboard.”

Photo by Miguel u00c1. Padriu00f1u00e1n on

Warm regards


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