Blue Jumper episode 13 is up….

episode 13 “Trainning is over”

Zack breaks out of the vision of the watcher and finds himself in world of trouble. Eddie Long has him pushed up against the brink. He is one second away from death or one last jump home…..


When season 1 is fully out. I’m going to record an audio drama of it and upload it for anyone interested. The ebook will come later.

Season 2

Is in the works in my head and I have to go over my notes. I have to plan it out and I might put up a new cover for it. As for now I am break from writing on it. Again. I am figuring it out as I go along. I just have to figure how to roll it out. Either. I’m leaning toward uploading it on Bitchut as a audio book style video. I have to learn how convert it to audio drama but I might just hire out for that. The audio drama technical genre is coming much later.

Warm regards



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