Origins of Newark: The Rise of the HeavyMetal Dragon Chapter 12 Final


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I stared at Cyberpunk until the mask finally fell away and I saw his real face.

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He had alot more scars on his face and hands then I thought he would. “How long was the battle?”

Cy shrugged. “It took me a year to fight them off and to protect my dream realm from my younger elemental siblings. By the end though, I made it home. Simon left the light on for me and he taught me how to drive. Best years of being. Anymore questions?”

“Two last questions.. Why did we name you Cyberpunk I get the dreams just not the first name and why you didn’t name anything after Sunny Rain?”

Cy shook his head. “It’s a name my people chose to give me for their reasons, I earned it. Sunny Rain wasn’t a prideful girl. She just wanted a family and to make me breakfast every morning to make up for the year I lost with my family.” He sighed.

“Would you like to come in for dinner?” I asked him.

Cy blinked and smiled. “I would love to Brody. It’s been more then a minute.” He said getting off his bike and following me home.

The sun was still in the sky mid way as it started to rain. I smiled and felt happy. For no reason really. Well I guess I had a reason…

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Sunny Rain days where the best days in the dream realm. My mother smiled up at Cyberpunk and reached up for a hug while my father fist bumped him and offered him, his chair.

Cy shook his head. “That’s yours bro, I’m just happy to be around my family.”

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