Orgins of Newark: The Rise of the HeavyMetal Dragon Chapter 10


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I was waiting in the passenger seat while the girls slept in the back seat waiting for Simon. He hurried out with his favorite tool and hoped in the driver’s seat. He frowned at me.

“Your not driving?”

I shook my head getting my map out and pointing at the road. “Hell no. Somebody has to navigate us there and this was your plan Pops. I’m just assisting.”

“You don’t know how to drive, do you? How the fuck did you get the car to the garage then?” He said putting the crusier into drive and taking off down the road.

I grimanced. “The owner dropped it off. Whose fault I can’t drive?”

“Fucking bullshit. I’m teaching Your smart ass to drive the minute we get safely out this city to our new home base. Dragon I can’t know everything. You got to communicate to me..”

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“Sorry. I just didn’t think it was important or that I needed to learn.” I admited.

Simon grunted. I looked at him to see that same expression on his face that he had the night I met him face to face.

“What’s wrong Pop?”

Simon sighed shaking his head. “They’ll never be a city like the drakes again well there?”

I know what he was asking but I couldn’t lie. “I can’t see the future Pop but from what I’ve seen of the past and the equality of weapons both sides have. No. There won’t be a city like this one. We can’t run from what’s coming.”

Simon nodded. “I know. This world has been at war with itself sense before either of us knew enough to give a damn. I know it’s coming to an end but not for you. You’ll remember us.”

“Of course I will. Your my family. There’s something I’m not telling you.”

Simon nodded. “I know. I trust you though. You’ll do what you have to. I might not live to see the man you’ll become but I’ve seen enough to know your on the right track. Alright tell me what you plan doing with your life.”

I saw a motorcycle race by us.

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I took in the city and memorized it as we came to outskirts of the city. “I want to work on cars and motorcycles in a big city like the drakes.”

I could sense Simon’s emusment though he still didn’t figure out my plans as we raced to the exit.

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