Orgin of Newark: The Rise of the HeavyMetal Dragon Chapter 7


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I saw to elements outside ducking it outside the garage over a corner. One of them worked for Malone and the other some new guy named the William.

I left them to it but watched out to make sure they didn’t get close to the garage. Simon was away on some type of secret mission. He was acting weird lately. He was more watchful now and listened to newsfeeds about the current war going on and how close it was heating in parts near the city.

I didn’t know what he was so worried about. I had seen plenty of mortal wars and conflict. This one was predictable though the tech had advanced in elemental levels. I wasn’t interested in the goings on of the shit.

“Hey. What side are you on? Cain or the Freedom Republic?

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I glanced to my right to see another elemental. A new born of sorts. She didn’t have a name. The thugs stopped fighting to watch our exchange. I got up waving them away. To my surprise they took off by my command.

“I don’t involve myself in mortal affairs that don’t concern me. What’s your name?”

She frowned. “I am goddess of Republic. What side are you on?”

Goddess?! She was no more a god then I was and she didn’t have a name. She was missing a few things.. I thought of answering but I felt her archetype a soldier for the republic that was targeting me from a distance.

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This was my first encounter with the weapon close up. Hmm. Surprising. There was an element of danger here I had never felt before for myself and the children I was here to guard while Simon was away.

I showed her my true form.

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I stared at the false goddess. I thought about this.

“What are you here for?” I asked her plainly.

“You.” Republic said softly. “I have made several others like you into my ranks. You-“

I heard a shot behind me. The false goddess blinked in surprise. She stared as her archetype fell down to the street.

She lifted her hand to shoot element frost at the killer. I got in between them and blocked her attack with a heated iron first.

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I shook the frost off my hand and sparked my element to life in my hands….

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I slapped her down with metal and Iron elements.

The false goddess stared at me for the first time unsure of herself. She should be.

“I am Dragon. I go my own way. I craft my own path. Freedom itself is my choice. You will not have my people without a fight to the death.” I said.

The bitch got up lighting her hands with frost element she blasted it behind me.

“Ahh shit.” Simon cried out.

The false goddess ran as I went to Simon….

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Simon sat on the ground his arm was smoking but he looked more annoyed then overly harmed. I touched his arm and started to heal it.

“We need to leave the city before it falls.” Simon said gruffly.

“What?! It’s just another war. The drakes has withstood many war.”

“Not this one. To many of your siblings fighting in this city and the fucking weapons alone will be the end of the city. We have to leave..”

“To where? The fucking new war is everywhere. There’s no place to go away from it.”

Simon shook his head. “There is always some place to hide or get away from the heat. I just need to see where.”

I frowned and started to shake my head but then I looked. Simon was right. “There is somewhere. Hmm.”

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