Orgins of Newark: The Rise of the HeavyMetal Dragon Chapter 5


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“I don’t understand. How did you know? How? It’s impossible. I didn’t know.” Dragon said standing outside my garage watching our last customer for the night drive off.

I took a drag on my cigarette. I tried for patience.

Dragon sounded so young. I still had to get used to having him around until he was ready to go out on his own. I waved a hand at his face. “Change it back.”

Dragon frowned. “This is my face.”

I rolled my eyes. “That’s my face. When we talk face to face I want see you as you are. The man you are.”

Dragon pulled up his hood and his face changed back into his own barely formed and coded face.

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“I’m not human or a man.”

I smiled. “I know. But, like you said your still a kid. To answer your question it’s more experience and thinking about why something doesn’t make sense. You learn to see signs of a pattern for what be going on behind your back by how people react to situations and then you see things from a different perspective. It’s called being street smarts or being old.. How old are you really?”

Dragon shook his head. “I am age less crafted in the elements of our realm before humans walked on land in the multi-realms of the mirrored universes….

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but in human terms I am 16. The four elders superceded me in age power. They’re old fucks.” He said.

I stared at him. “I figured as much. So it takes your kind a bit to mature.”

Dragon nodded in annoyance. “My age doesn’t matter. Why then do you keep her children?”

I could have gotten angry but I looked at his innocent expression and hunger to know and understand and for it to be explained to him. I sighed. “I meant what I said to Sun Rising. I invested a lot in my children. I own them out right. There’s no way I would allow that bitch to take what I worked hard for natured, protected and taught to be turned into fucking whores selling their bodies on the street for credits and white dust. I earned them. That’s apart of my code. Every man or being has to have a code they live by and a standard they hold to or else you’ll always become someone’s bitch.”

“I could have destroyed Malone.” He said.

“and then what?”

Dragon blinked. “He would be dead. You would be free.” He said simple.

I shook my head. “Life isn’t that simple.. Like I told you. Malone is an archetype for Fire. You haven’t made a name for yourself or even know yourself to contend with the fire dragon god. He would kick your ass.”

Dragon shook his head. “Fire isn’t a dude or god. She’s a dragon. But I hear you. She is powerful and my elder. Though Ice is the oldest, what the hell is an archetype? You keep saying that like I’m suppose to know what it means.”

What the fuck?! “Stop. Wait a second.. your telling me the Dragon of Fire is a goddess?”

“Damn it. I keep telling you dragons aren’t gods. She was crafted from the elements like me but came in to being a Red headed chick a long time a go.”

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“Now what the hell is an archetype?”

I laughed. I couldn’t help though it pissed off Dragon. I held up a hand to stop any other questions. “Alright. Alright. It’s weird as fuck you know Fire is a female dragon but don’t know what a archetype is. Anyway, Malone like many others like him that follow Fire dragon are examples of her in power and character in a mortal body. They imitate how she acts like here in this plane of existence. You follow me?”

Dragon nodded his head. “Oh. You mean mortal elementals kissed by Fire. I get you. Still though that Malone asshole was only a little like Fire. Though. I could sense her interest in him. I still don’t understand it. Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Have you been kissing up on me? Sense you have this big interest me.”

Dragon stared at me and then answered me in kind…

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