Orgins of Newark: The Rise of the HeavyMetal Dragon Chapter 4


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I saw the dawn come over the city and felt different about this day about myself as well. I looked over at Simon who was dozing off in the front seat of the cruiser. He had worked hard and steady all night. We didn’t waste a minute of time or effort.

I heard Malone’s gang riding up in their cruisers. This was going to be interesting day. Malone was in for a surprise.

Simon came awake and smoothly got up and out the ride. His wife and children came running down stairs to him. He held up a hand to Sun Rising to stop.

“Get my kids back up stairs. I got man business to handle that’s no right for them or you to see.” He said smoothly.

Sun Rising ignored him and looked at me. She frowned at my face. She was studying my face. I could feel her rage at the sight of me and hear an impression of her thoughts the connection between me and Simon. I could understand but I didn’t give a shit. I liked my new face.

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“Who the fuck is this?” She asked Simon.

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Simon grinned. “My new assistant and pupil. His name’s Dragon.” He said tapping my shoulder. “Last time. Get my kids back upstairs.”

Sun Rising ignored him again. “We prayed to the gods all night for mercy for the family and your success. When did your son arrive did you send for him or has he always been around in hiding.”

Simon’s kids were confused as fuck and were now frowning at me. I shook my head at her. “Your fucking nuts lady. I ain’t even human you blind bitch.”

Sun Rising blinked and then rolled her eyes. She looked pointedly at Simon but he was walking toward Malone’s cruiser as it came up along with his gang.

Malone stepped out of his ride with two of his side chicks following him. He ignored me and the others and faced off Simon with his blaster out.

“You got my ride ready Simple Simon.” Malone asked softly.

Simon smiled. “Yeah. The key is in the crusier. Start her up.”

Malone pushed Simon aside and walked over got inside and turned the ignition. The cruiser turned on and ribbed up.

Malone shrugged got out leaving the engine to run and faced off against Simon. “Alright. You get to keep your life. Your my new handy man.” He said.

Simon smiled shaking his head. “Oh. No. No. You’ve taken up to much of my time, energy and other resources for me to see any profit in it. Take what belongs to you in here and get the fuck out.”

Malone slapped him down and kicked him in the stomach and then looked at me with fire element in his eyes. He fired it at my chest and then blinked when I stood in place undamaged.

He backed. “Holy shit. I meant no offense. I was mistaken.” He said.

My hands lit with iron and metal elements.

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I took a step forward but Simon was up already and stood between Malone and me.

Simon put a hand to my chest. He looked at me. “Go sit down over by the bench. This is my business. I don’t need any assistance from you.”

“I came here to help-“

Simon stared at me. “He’s an archetype for one of your siblings you get in the mix of this, that fucker might show up. You ain’t ready for them. Besides. I got this. Go sit down learn something.” He said and rubbed my head in a brotherly manner.

I sighed and backed away and sat down. Simon turned to Malone. “You demanded I fix your ride or you’ll kill me. I fixed your ride for free. I’m asking you to take all your shit and leave my garage.”

Malone smiled waving a hand at me. “What is this shit? He a little God you hired? Don’t act all tough and bad-“

Sun Rising came up to Malone smiling. “Sir. Let me talk to him Sir. Let me get him to see reason. My husband is just a little emotional right now. I can make him see reason.”

Malone sighed. “Make it fast I’m losing patience here.” He said glancing at me occasionally.

Sun Rising came over to Simon. “Stop being foolish. Mr. Malone is a big shot in the city. You can’t change the nature of things. He’ll pay you good money. He does that for all his clients. Besides if you don’t he’ll just take the garage.”

Simon nodded. “Your right. I have to take his offer but…” I paused to look at her. “I don’t have to deal with your lying slut ass in my house.” He said grabbing her arm and throwing her to Malone. “Take back your slut. You may own me but I ain’t fucking with your leftovers. Take your ride and your slut.”

I was shaking my head about to get up but Simon sent me a look. I sat down. Simon turned his back to them and started cleaning his tools. “There was nothing wrong with your ride that any mechanic in the drakes couldn’t fix. It just needed a system update and a oil change. I had to find other minor issues just to keep myself busy the whole night while your gang watched me work from a distance. It wasn’t a challenge. It was an excuse. It was a bullshit reason just to kill me and take my business and wife. I’m a business man. All you had to do was offer me a deal or at least a challenge. I didn’t need the bullshit mind games. I don’t play games about my business or females. Take the female and your ride and go. Come see me when you got some work for me to do.”

I frowned I didn’t understand any of this. How did Simon know all this? Was any of it true.

Malone pushed Sun Rising off him and approached Simon. “Alright no more games. Your working for me now. But, I ain’t fucking your girl?”

“Come see me when you need work. I don’t need the bullshit I just need the work and a challenge.” He said as he cleaned his wrench.

Malone stared at him. “I can respect that.” He said and walked away.

Sun Rising started to follow him but stopped to look at her children. “Let’s go.”

“The girls stay. You go.” Simon said.

“Their not yours.”

Fucking bitch. I felt my rage spark but Simon put a hand on my shoulder. “I named them. Their registration is in my household. They’re mean. You go, they stay. You don’t want to be under my authority you can leave.. The children belong to me. That’s the law.” He said not bothering to look at her. “Sunny Rain take your sister up stairs.”

Sunny Rain picked up her sister and carried her up stairs. Sun Rising spat on the ground and turned and ran getting into Malone’s cruiser as it took off.

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