Orgins of Newark: Rise of the HeavyMetal Dragon Chapter 3



“Wait. I don’t understand. You sound like and act like a kid and how could you not know your own name?” Brody said in an unsure voice.

I blinked pausing in my story. “I was a kid, Brody. Remember I didn’t name myself. No one does. I was born and raised up a current way. You hungry?”

“Yes. I know we named you but it’s weird. Your, you. But, in the story your different your less sure of yourself. Less you Are you bullshiting me?” He said.

I snorted in laughter and got to my feet. I point over to a shop near by. “Let’s get you something to eat.” I said.

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Brody frowned but followed me silently to the shop. I nodded to my people and bumped fists with Zad Fig as he pasted by on his scooter on his first run.

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Zad was coming into himself. His real story though hadn’t started yet strangely. I walked in silence with Brody to the shop. He was disappointed and he only heard a small portion of the story. We walked inside and sat down at the counter.

“Breakfast is on me order what you want Brody.” I said leaning back in my seat.

“So the story is bullshit.” Brody asked.

I shook my head. “No. It happened. But, you have to accept I’m telling you my story and how it connects to my adopted father’s story as well. Everybody starts out not knowing who they are or their limits and talents. I still haven’t shown you what happened at dawn at the garage.”

Brody shrugged. “It all sounds boring. I expect you helped Simon fix the cruiser and everything turned out well. You and him-“

A few men started chuckling around us listening in on our conversation. The females were quiet and looked at Brody like the boy he still was.

Brody frowned realizing people were listening to our conversation. He frowned at me. “Everything works out, right? I mean even if something went wrong you could just fix it by snapping your fingers.” He said and demonstrated with his right hand.

I stared at him. “Brody. I was a kid. I barely could understand what I was or what I would become.. I was no different then you are but for minor differences. Can you just snap your fingers when you want to make stuff go your way when things go to shit in a instant. Everybody gets a choice on the directions we take in life or more to the point everyone gets a response to our choices. Nothing in my viewing experience of life would prepare me for Malone.”

Brody stared at my eyes. “Something bad happened to Simon and his family?”

I nodded. I waved the chief/owner over to us. “Get Brody a plate of your best breakfast dish, Yu.” I said and took out my detapad and ordered and put it on the ordering scanner.

I sighed. “Experience and street smarts is what Simon had over me in spades. He could see things much better then I could at the time even now at points. He taught me more then a trade later as the years rolled on. He taught me how to survive in that first new dawn of my life by teaching me the nature of how the world works.”

Brody stared at me. “Show me. Please.”

I turned my head to him and did just that.

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