I’m on episode 6 of Blue Jumper and doing episode 7 later today maybe…on Amazon vella.

Hmm. The series is going pretty fast. Episode 5 is my favorite because I had to write it up on the fly and it gives me the call back to my Dad.

Six was very much a returning theme of the book now on dreams. It’s interesting.

I will pick up The Mark of Bob again but I’m kind of hooked on Blue Jumper simple because it is very much experimental and fun to write. I can see it getting done by the end this month if not sooner.

Launch date is February 2nd tomorrow on Amazon vella. I chose to write under my full name sense I couldn’t just have the one name…

Guardiandogg Bard of the interwebs.

This is going to be a interesting year.

Warm regards



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