The current story with the HeavyMetal Dragon is interesting…

It’s weird and interesting at the same time. I’m getting a feel for how to describe a creator or being that isn’t human or God. He’s different and yet understandable.

He’s a dude that at first embodies the aimless child forgot by the gods and elements and living like a voyeur in the stories of other people until he discovers one of those people he has grown a liking to giving up on himself and what he believes.

He can no longer watch anymore and do nothing. He has to enter act with the world now because he has a reason. He doesn’t want that one man to give up. Cy has begun to care enough to take action and in that moment he begins to step out of his viewing of life and get into the engagement of life.

I like the moral elements of it and the call back to the children of the forgotten era.

Warm regards


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