The trials of Chase Morgan Chapter 12


I carefully unlocked the door to Chad’s apartment. It was dark. I saw someone on the floor with a blanket over them.

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Chad’s bed looked to be two people in bed under the covers cuddled up and half moving together.

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Chad must have gotten some new girl he was fucking. He was such a fucking cheating slut. I wanted Chase and now I was going to get em and that bitch Audi was nowhere in sight. To stop me.

I slipped off my jacket…..

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I got out my phone and all I needed to do was take a few pictures send them to Chad and Chase’s rich parents. Chad will be pissed off and Chase’s parents will force him to marry me. I will set with some big black dick and money. Easy win and no more fucking working to pay bills.

I slipped under the covers. I felt his warm naked chest before he reached for me. I realized suddenly.. ..

“What the fuck are you doing in my apartment bitch?” Chad whispered in a quiet rage.

“Ahh!” I screamed and kneed him in the balls. Instantly he let go of me.

I wrestled out of the covers and to my feet as the light came on. Chase was silently shaking his head. “I tried to save you but you wouldn’t listen. “

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I looked at a half naked Audi….

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and I knew…..

“I’m going to fuck you up.” Audi leaped off the bed at me.

End of season 1

Warm regards



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