Orgins of Newark. Rise of the HeavyMetal Dragon Prologue


Are you a God?

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I looked up from working on the engine of my bike and looked at Brody Swan. He was new comer to the city from a Nomad tribe that folded and his parents had come to make their living in the city.

Brody stared at me with his silver green eyes I could see the earth element in the windows of his eyes. A religious symbol of earth element was around his neck. He was a devote to my brother.

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I smiled at him. “Brody. You know who I am. What did your mother tell you?”

Brody nodded. “She said your an alien being that was born a long time a go in this realm. We adopted you and named you Cyberpunk, the HeavyMetal Dragon. But, still. Your not human. Your like immortal and you have powers. Doesn’t that make you a god?”

There was more then a little hopeful note in his voice. Here we go again. It had been a while but it was time to tell the story.

I smiled at him. “Do you want to hear the story for how I came to be?”

Brody frowned. “Will it be like the story I heard?”

I snorted shaking my head. “Oh no. This story is much different. Hand me that wrench over there.”

Brody smiled and reached for the wrench….

“I was always different but I didn’t realize how different or cared until I stepped out of the elements and found myself finally in a solid form you see now in the city called Drakes. That was centuries ago but I can still remember the night I finally came into being really.”

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“I remember that city from the story. What made you step out of elements? My mom could never give me a straight answer on it.” Brody asked handing me the wrench.

I smiled and started working on my bike again. “A man. You can say he was like my adopted father. He was interesting. He drew me out and I wanted to learn more about him. He was a very interesting man with a very interesting story as well. You can say. Our stories are linked from that moment on.”

Brody frowned shaking his head. “Mom only mentioned a man you met in passing at the beginning of your walk here. How important was this man?”

I frowned at my work. “He was my adopted father, Brody. So I would say he was very important at least to me. His name was Simon Brookestone. I met him on a summer night in his garage as he was working on a crusier for some asshole that was going to kill him and his family if he didn’t get it done in the morning. Simon needed help but he was out of luck and help so I decided to help em.”

Brody grinned. “You made a new cruiser to help him and saved him from the gangster. “

I shook my head. “No. I helped him save himself.”

“Your eyes. They look funny. Wait. I can see him. In your eyes. Wicked.” Brody said growing excitement.

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I nodded. “Keep looking. You’ll see how it all happened.”

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