Damn I’m tired but I’m ready for next month on Amazon Vella

I have three books. I had to make the covers for two for vella and one book I’ll put out later….

The Mark of Bob.

This is my vanilla book. Bob Lynn wakes up on the floor of a hotel room bare chested with a shit kicking hangover and weird tattoo on his right Bicept and no memory of how or who gave it to him. February, 2022

Blue Jumper…experimental and may not do that good. Zack Kennedy just got dumped by his girlfriend in public in a failed proposal attempt. His laying on the street of New Year with a crowd of laughing people around him and his balls hurting from his ex-girlfriend’s response to his proposal. He looks up in and sees a giant blue demon in air and knows he’s in hell. February 2022

Styxx Shade Chronicles

I’ve had this one in the back burner but I plan to finish it. Due out in March, 2022

Warm regards



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