The trials of Chase Morgan Chapter 10


I walked out of the managers’ offices in to the main warehouse. I saw Kate speaking to Chase up close and personal. She looked at me and leaned over and tried to kiss him. He stepped back evading and turned to look at me. He looked between Kate and me.

I held up hand. “Easy. She’s just a girl bro.”

He stared at Kate and then he laughed in her face and threw up his middle fingers at her.

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“Nice try. I ain’t down with your flat chest and pancake ass. Fuck you. Later bitch.” He said retreating away.

Kate laughed. “You know you, like me, Papi.”

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Chase turned back glaring at her and once again flipping her off one last time before he slipped away to the unload.

Holy shit. He was pissed. My heart was hammering in my chest. That bitch got it lightly. Chase was changing.

Kate turned and looked at me grinning and walked over toward me. I held out my hand. “Give my key.”

Kate frowned. “What?”

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“Give me my damn key. Bitch.” I said.

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Kate flinched but dug in her pocket. She held her key chain. I took it got my key off and gave it back to her. “I told you he don’t like you. I’m having you written up for misconduct. You do this shit again and I’ll include sexual harassment in my next report.”

Kate flinched back and gave me a wide eye look. She opened her mouth.

“Save it. Get to the load section. I don’t want anymore bullshit out of you on the job. Try me. If you can’t be professional at work you don’t need to be here. Now go do your damn job.”

Kate stared at me looked behind me and then quickly turned and left. I knew who was behind me. I turned to see Audi coming up looking pissed. But, not as piss the fuck off as I was now.

“What the fuck happened?”

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I stared at her. “Look into a transfer for Kate. We got to get her the fuck out of here before Chase goes off on her crazy ass. I don’t know what the fuck she’s on but she’s lost her fucking mind.”

Audi stared at me. “What the fuck is up with her?”

I shook my head. “I don’t give a fuck. She’s trying to fuck with my friendship with Chase. The bitch has to go be someone else’s problem. Not mean. Not Chase. Not now.” I said. Feeling angry at myself for fucking with that bitch and now she was fucking with Chase. Her silly ass didn’t know that Chase wasn’t the one to fuck with. She was going to fuck it all up if we didn’t get rid of her ass fast. “Get her the hell out of here.”

“I’ll handle it. Just keep her away from Chase. He doesn’t need her fucking with him right now. He just got promoted and I don’t want her fucking up his advancement career and future.”

I nodded. “I got it.” I said and hurried to unload.

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