The trials of Chase Morgan Chapter 9


I caught Chad and Kate having a heated but quiet conversation as I came in the building for work. The conversation quickly ended at the sight of me. Chad gave me a smile the “Everything is alright. Let’s party” smile.

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Kate gave me the look….

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That same fake smile was on her face. “Hey. Audi. I love your blouse. It’s very cute.” She said and walked away.

Damn. She really needed a man or to relax. Chad smiled at me and then started walking with to my office. “So Chase told me you two are getting married next year. Congrats.”

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I smiled. “We’re not engaged officially but thanks. Keep it quiet. So what were you and Kate talking about?”

Chad’s smile got even more brilliant. “Ah. Just some private stuff. Chase asked me to be his man.” He said sounding proud and excited.

I stared at him nodding my head slowly. “Yeah, I expected as much.”

I looked around as we pasted through a hallway not many people were in but I waited as we walked the short distance to my office. I put my stuff down and sat in my chair. “What does Chase think of Kate?”

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Chad gave me a look before he closed the door behind him.

“Chase doesn’t think anything about her. He’s into you and right now he’s focused on getting his shit together. He’s not playing around.”

I nodded my head still staring at him. “Still though she thinks something about him.”

Chad stared at her. “I’m dating Kate.”

I nodded my head slowly. “Maybe, you need to tell her that.”

Chad sighed. “He doesn’t like her at all and he doesn’t want to make the time to feel anything about her at all. I would suggest you not bring her up in any conversation you two have. You wouldn’t like his response. It’s just a suggestion.”

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Oh. He hates her well that’s all I needed to know. I smiled. “So, do you know the reason why Chase started all these plans?”

Chad laughed but he nodded. “Yeah. I know a little of the reason but I can’t tell you.”

“Why not?” I asked patiently.

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Chad shrugged. “Because, I got to get to work. Later.” He said turned opened the door and walked out.

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