I have an idea where this season of the trials of Chase Morgan is headed and other updates…

Yeah so I’m going to keep writing on this story or episodic series until…well until I think Chase finally completes his trials.

The plot is like a slow burn that’s heating up to bursts of flames until we reach the end and have a forest fire of hot sex and a bad bitch getting bent over a….


Okay. There will be a lot of shit about to go down and if I do this right you won’t see it coming until shit gets real and Chase……


I got an email from kindle Amazon about their kindle villa episodic serial stories. I’m thinking about putting something together to put there to experiment a little though I do have a story in my back log I’m thinking of putting up but adding a spin to it.

I’ll keep the current story on the site and continue it until the end of the series. Hopefully I can get it all done this year. In between I will be publishing ebooks and beginning new stories.

Warm regards


P. S.

This is all your fault Catxman.


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