The trials of Chase Morgan Chapter 6


I stared at Daniel not believing my ears. He was grinning happily at the news. I forced a smile on face and giggled as he picked me and spun me around his office area.

“Honey. Calm down. Get your happy but I don’t want you to throw your back out.”

Daniel laughed and carefully put me down but not before giving me fast kiss on the lips.

“This is the best news I’ve had all year. Audi’s got a man that’s going to take care of her. Oh. I got to start getting their present ready.” He said turning from me to hurry to his laptop computer and start looking for the present.

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“I’ll make dinner and bring it in to you.” I said.

Daniel nodded looking at the screen. “Love you.” He said.

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I sighed. “I love you too honey.” I said and walked out the room and quickly got out my phone and started calling Chase.

“What’s up, Gloria?” Chase answered.

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I ground my teeth together as I headed to the kitchen. “You little shit. What the fuck are you doing? I told you to break up with my daughter. She’s not marrying some poor black bastard. Who do you think your fucking with?”

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“Oh. You must have heard the news then from Daniel. Yeah. I heard what you said. But, I do remember telling you what I was going to do regardless of what you said.” Chase said calmly.

“Your a fucking poor black going-nowhere loser. I’ve had it with your black ass. Your just doing this to fuck with me because I upset your feelings when I told you what I thought of you finally. Your a little chicken shit coward that couldn’t face the fact I didn’t buy into your smooth talking bull crap like Audi. Ten grand that’s my offer that’s all you’ll get.” I said as I hurried to fix Daniel’s dinner.

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“Gloria. Why I would care what you think about what I’m doing with my life. Your just a woman. I let you say what you wanted to say. But, I never said it would matter to me or what I’m doing. Why should it?! None of this is any of your business. You should be grateful I’m entertaining this short conversation with you.” Chase said in the same calm tone.

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I flinched because he was reminding me of Daniel suddenly. Chase was always direct and to his point like Daniel but he didn’t normally talk like this to me. It had to be a front. “Stop acting all big and tough boy I-“

“Gloria.” Chase spoke softly.

I paused frowning at his tone. “Who are you-“

“Gloria. I’m going to marry Audi. That’s the end of the discussion on this matter. Goodbye!” He said and hung up.

I felt a chill move down my spine. Something was wrong with this whole shit. Chase’s tone and attitude was too big of a change. Where was this…shit! Audi was pregnant. Damn him. That had to be it. I had to talk her out of having it. No way was my baby going to be tied to that poor black asshole.

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