Three lessons in power, malice and capital…from Chris Langan

The lessons in question….

Comment 1: “Stupidity is a more dangerous enemy of the good than malice.”

Response: No, malice is more dangerous because of the associated intentionality.

Stupidity does not imply malice, but malice implies stupidity. That’s because a stupid populace is irresistable to a malicious ruling class – it’s much easier to deceive and control – which is why the populace has been methodically “dumbed down” by “the elite” using their proprietary indoctrination mills (public schools and universities) along with immigration policy favoring fast-breeding low-IQ migrants and mass-media idiocy including miscegenation propaganda directed specifically at White people.

Comment 2: “Better to reduce everything to power instead of money.”

Response: They go together. Here’s the definitive equation:

money = power,

i.e., capital = power. That’s because money, or capital, is just generic human utility, abstracted and distributed as coinage, paper, or digital data. Money and power both come down to utility, so the equation is a lock. Either you get the power by force and then use it to steal all the money, or you steal the money and use it to bribe and threaten your way to power. Either way, it comes out the same.

Comment 3: “Monopoly capitalism isn’t new, and it doesn’t have a monopoly on capitalism.”

Response: Well, actually, it does, via the global banking system. The global money monopoly has not always existed, and now that it does, things have changed. Big Monopoly Capitalists have what amounts to a worldwide monopoly on the most important commodity of all: money.

Money is the master-commodity, the commodity of commodities, Try to make your own, and they’ll lock you up and swallow the key. By the crooked reckoning of the global banksters, everyone owes them. Everyone’s on the hook. Everyone has to do what they say. And because sh*t rolls downhill, we’ve now reached the point where people still in the workforce can’t make a peep without loss of livellihood.

My thoughts…..

The great equalizer is the pursuit and the securing of the bag to change your position and your standing in the world. There are plenty of gun laws and stupid arguments and such but there are no laws against the pursuit of money i.e. power and no limitations of accumulating as much as you can get your hands on.

Malice. I had enough of it and the damages it’s done on using stupid people to make life worse for stupid people just trying to live life and deal with the bullshit of some overlord intent on the pursuit of power. The power of the vote and media Televised programming.

Capital. Yeah. I still need to pursue the bag more then ever.

I’m going to be chewing on Langon’s lessons for weeks if not years.

Warm regards



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