I’m re-watching throw Momma from the train and the shit is still good but…hot damn. I’m still learning.

The first scene always gets me. The sound of the type writer and the relatable moments of beginning that first scene.

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The night was…..

I saw the movie as a young writer and that was my dream to be writer. To have that kind of lifestyle. The life of words written, stories crafted and the wonderful joy of the frustrations of getting over the fear of the first words and pushing on.

Fast foward today a whole lot has changed instead of writing on typewriter pushing past my fears…

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I’m now writing on my phone half the time trying to decide what topic will spark something in me today…

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A writer writes. It’s a saying in the movie and very true.

A writer doesn’t need an excuse to do so we just need something to say that comes from a place of honesty, truth or a hot damn banging I have something to say mother fucker to the issue at hand. So here’s my two cents.

I don’t need a writing room, space or office. I just need something to spark my give a damn or a story or idea that I can generate from brainstorming. I’m still an intervert I love my moments alone because everything flows better and I’m focused on my task and subject.

Still though…I do enjoy the moments in front of a computer screen and the final moment I finally finish a story I’ve worked on for weeks if not a year be finished….until the re-write and second draft.

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Oh. A lesson I learned in 2021 about writing. Write every day. Inspiration for me comes from whatever interests me from what I read, who I listen to or some shit head or bullshit moment I encounter in life. But, really a writer writes. I don’t need a excuse sometimes I just need a pen & paper.

Photo by Dziana Hasanbekava on Pexels.com

Warm regards



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