C-unit and KB are at it again…well it’s more like C-unit is up in his feeling and KB looks confused as fuck about the smoke over some words and differences of opinions

The shit is getting weirder and weirder.

C-unit is making KB out to be a small time cult leader con-man on YouTube and is heaping up smoke and Jin & Juice for old KB.. Keep in mind C-unit has a life of his own that really is more interesting then YouTube drama but he finds the time to make YouTube drama sound like it’s important for some reason?!

Apparently KB is guilty of the high crime of guilty by association of being in a video with someone else that called C-unit a Jackel.

C-unit hates Jackels like all black people do and thinks KB is a master cult leader, con man,, fake guru and every other thing under the sun. C-Unit also hates Ceno.

Ceno can not see or even knows of C-uint’s existence. No joke. It appears Ceno has went beyond ignoring C-unit. He doesn’t even know the dude exists. It’s fucking amazing. I wish I had this super power. Wait. No I don’t. I like to cook assholes to much.


KB is confused by the smoke from C-unit. You have to understand KB is so into real life and being rich having a big dick that he is unable to take YouTube drama seriously. He asked C-unit to come on to his channel and get his feeling off his chest and talk face to face with him. C-unit ain’t doing that because reasons. No. The reason is…some type of pride bullshit or whatever.

It’s interesting. I still think C-unit is a low class alpha but it’s weird. Saying something about another dude from the safety of the YouTube streets but not being able to say the shit to the dude’s face sounds like some beta bitch shit.

If your going to do alot of talking about a dude why not say it to his face if you care so much.

Again. I don’t know why C-unit gives a damn what some fuckers on the internet say about him. The value of a piece of shit’s word means dick all when the asshole is a poor fuck ugly bastard. Added to that. If he cared so much about his name being slandered then why not take their asses to court and sue them?

I do get a vibe from C-unit that he thinks he’s more then what he is. A regular dude with money and a job. C-unit is a proud grandfather for fucksake.

I don’t know him or KB. I just find the psychological shit behind this stuff fascinating.

Warm regards



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