The trials of Chase Morgan Chapter 4

Six hours later…..

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I was looking at the computer going over the numbers of packages we ran and the target goal. 57,000 was the total count. The goal was 68,000. Damn it. We could have made the goal. The second shift was going to have tough time of making up for the packages we couldn’t sort on time.. We had one more month until peek season. We had to bring up the numbers.

– Chase Come back! – Audi spoke to me on the radio.

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Damn it. I brought my radio to my mouth. -yeah go. –

– Chase. How long we still running for? ETA on your end time?- Audi asked.

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I checked my apple watch. 6:13 p.m. We didn’t have anymore time. The shift was due to end soon and I had another shift in the load section of the warehouse.

– Shut down the unload. –

– Copy that. You got to get your numbers up for peek. You did a good today but you have to push it to get them ready. Meet me in the control room in ten minutes. –

I kept back a snarl of annoyance. I already knew that but it was what it was for now.

– Copy that –

I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned and looked at Chad’s smiling face. “You good?”

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I didn’t return the smile but I nodded. “I will be. Where did I mess up?”

Chad shrugged. “You didn’t get your trailers up on time and you had people half-assing it and didn’t check em and keep em working.. Brody and Kent didn’t show up today. You got write them up. I was supposed to be covering your ass better and really handling things on the back end but I caught up with talking with Betty. I’m going to get my ass chewed out by Boss Lady in private. I’ll buy you a beer after work. How you like it?”

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I gave him an honest smile. “It was thrilling and more challenging managing everything and trying to catch shit and calling up All and Jody to fix shit. The belt on door 12 needs is going to be down until we can get it repaired so we’re down a belt.”

Chad stared at me. “I got unload tonight and 12 is down again. For fucksake. That’s the second time this month alone. Man. I’m really going to need a beer after tonight.”

I nodded. Today was disappointing but it was fun at the same time. Not one moment was boring.

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