Microsoft buys all the games.

The story and one gamers views on it.

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Microsoft buys up a lot of old and new games by default and now gamers have one challenge to getting all those games on one system that is spread out over the pc and console gaming platforms of digital gaming services and some what physical gaming.

There’s two sides of the coin here. First the immediate benefit.

I say some what physical gaming because everyone that is into modern gaming knows the big companies (Nintendo excluded) want to go all digital or game streaming services only. Now with this bid of Microsoft that is going to happen.

The other side of the coin and a peek into the future and present conditions. Modern Digital games will become worthless and eventually some of these games will become loss when Microsoft can’t make any immediate money from them. All digital is a worthless junk food digital media not only from collectors stances but from a value stance of how disposable this media will be.

Hmm. an example being. Would you like to look at tits on a screen or be able to hold a pair attached to a chicka in bed with you at night. Really though. What holds more value? The physical or the digital?

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Another example, books.

Book nerds that love books and adore the physically act of engaging with a book and having that story and moments of interconnected meeting of minds experience is why books will never be a digital only experience.

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Yes. There are ebooks but for every dude that has one Ebook of his favorite book he has three physical editions of the same book. Physical books have a higher value. Ownership of the memories and experiences connecting with another mind and imagination.

Hmm. I am a all around gamer. I like different types of games. My favorite gaming experiences are the ones I shared with people in the same room as me playing both digital games and dungeons & Dragon’s.

I’m an imaginative guy so dungeon & dragons has always been a world wind of experience for me. But, the physical interactions and play with other people is just a world of it’s a value of it’s own.

I’ll conclude my thoughts by mentioning one digital/physical game that always comes to my mind silhouette mirage. It’s an old ps1 and Sega Saturn game that just comes to mind every once in awhile. Not just for Nostalgia sake.

It’s a good challenging fun game. I haven’t played in over twenty years. I could get a ps4 and buy it digitally on the console but then I wouldn’t really own it. I would rather buy the ps1 disc and own it out right. The manual and the colorful artwork on the case. I miss having that.

Funny enough I am a pc gamer all digital guy right now but I do have some physical digital games they’re all on one gaming platform…..

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