Writing vanilla fiction is harder then I thought it would be.

I am seriously trying to attempt writing plain Jane commercial fiction but the shit ain’t working out so well.

I’m digging the current story The trials of Chase Morgan. It’s not so much brainstorming and experimenting. I had the idea for the story and where it’s going for a couple years but I’m also adding onto the shit with my current style and sense of humor.

Still though I think the story is too weird or I’m mirroring my own personality onto Chase in a way though I would be much more blunt and real then Chase. He’s a sweet heart compared to me. Audi. Holy balls I couldn’t imagine dating a girl who hates Dark City…..hmm. Though I can understand Chase’s weakness.

Photo by Jonaorle on Pexels.com

Anyway, I’m trying to make this shit more normal fiction. It’s hard. It has to be more predictable I know but already I’m fucking that shit up because this story is not going the A-typical route of a Urban fiction/romantic bullshit road.

It needs more “Let’s pretend we’re not going to fuck. Why can’t you understand me?!” bullshit. That or some flowery erotic poetry.

Warm regards



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